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Author: David W. Jones
To: Fractint and General Fractals Discussion
Subject: Re: [Fractint] Stumbled on this from Twitter

On September 13, 2019 2:25:41 AM HST, Jonathan Osuch <osuchj@???> wrote:
>jit:20190808113002 {
> reset=2050 type=mandel passes=1
> center-mag=-0.56698920008583231/+0.47803181554718704/1525965
> params=0/0 float=y maxiter=2500 inside=0 logmap=779
> }
>This is close. Differences are due to square vs rectangular pixels, so
>I had to zoom out. The 'lakes' can be filled in by increasing the
>maximum iteration count. The color map is different.

Yes, I noticed that they don't include their color map. Guess they're not using Fractint!

>> David wrote, concerning the "random Mandelbrot" page
>> > Don't know what formula it uses.
>> Looking at the pictures, I would say they are all classic Mandelbrots
>> with
>> z^2 + c, but with very nice coloring. Of course the name "random
>> Mandelbrot" gives a clue also! :-)

David W. Jones
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