[GSL-Marina] Fire Update

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Author: Dave Shearer
To: gsl-marina@mailman.xmission.com
Subject: [GSL-Marina] Fire Update
GSL Slip Renters and Marina Users.

I have had several calls regarding what is called the Green Ravine Fire and whether it is threatening the marina. The Green Ravine fire is a 1000 acre wildfire started by Lakepoint and has climbed the ridge at the north end of the Oquirrh Mountains. The fire is 0% contained at this time and is continuing north and east up the ridge. It is expected to crest the ridge in the next little while.

The fire should pose no threat to the Great Salt Lake State Park/Marina or private property in the marina unless the fire cannot be contained by Sunday's wind event. Most wind forecasts should keep the fire contained at the top of the ridge line.

Everything is fine for right now. The marina is open.