Re: [Fractint] Update 2019-08-25 to SDL version

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Author: Jonathan Osuch
To: 'Fractint and General Fractals Discussion'
Subject: Re: [Fractint] Update 2019-08-25 to SDL version

> I tried the PAR: NYUF004 in: fractint.par that uses
> the formula: Richard1 in: fractint.frm
> at 1024x768x256. I kept the MaxIter=150 and
> tried turning Floating Point off and on. ("no/yes")
> on the X-screen.
> "Floating Point=no" (fract001.gif) looks like this:
> while "Floating Point=yes" (fract002.gif) look like this:

This would be a comparison of integer math to floating pointmath. Try
setting debug=90 on the <g> screen. This will switch the floating
point math back to the C formula parser. Compare the resulting image
to the floating point image with one when debug is not set. The
floating point image matches the one generated using floating point
under Dos Box.

The integer math is suspect at this point.