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Author: Albrecht Niekamp
To: fractint, tim
Subject: Re: [Fractint] Archives updating
Thanks, Tim
for the good words. And if it´s history I dont want to be the reason -
after all it´s still the best fractal software and still is a lot of fun.
So here is a new one, maybe you like it.

Am 16.08.2019 um 15:42 schrieb Timothy Wegner:
> The fractint archives link issue simply means xmission is still having
> server issues. I have a message in to support. Last time we had problems I
> had the impression their problems were much larger than our list.
> Apparently the issues are not resolved yet.
> I have alternatives for hosting the list, but I am so grateful for
> xmission's I don't want to leave them unless they want to stop supporting
> mailing lists.
> I have copies of all the messages and could create online archives. The
> list (other than archives) is working fine, so folks who want to should
> post away.
> Tim