[BSLWAC] Backstage - System Changes - April 25, 2019

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Author: Casey Cheney
To: bslwac
Subject: [BSLWAC] Backstage - System Changes - April 25, 2019
System Changes

        Over the last 9 months or so we've been talking about potential changes to our Authority Control process, including enhancements to our cleanup processes. At this time, I would like to announce a couple exciting updates!


        New Matching: Generic Name Heading now includes VIAF name/work matching
        Generic Name Headings (an X00 without a $q or $d) have been notoriously tricky to match. Sometimes authority records will have a cross reference that matches your heading but it will not actually be the same as the individual represented in your record. Even if there is not a cross reference, sometimes the 1XX is still for a different individual! By incorporating a name/work search against VIAF we've been able to successfully update these names more often and with greater accuracy.


        Our process will take your generic 100 and 700 fields that contain a $a only and will search VIAF for that form of the name. If our form of the name is found, we then compare the title within the 245$a of your Bib record against the associated "Works" for that name in VIAF. We'll then select the United States form of that name to pass formally through our Authority Matching process; the LC Authority records will be returned to you as expected and your Bibliographic Heading will be updated with the authorized form.


        The process for the 600 field is similar but due to the 245$a not being present as a "work" in VIAF for these name subjects, we are only searching 600 fields that have a $t present.  We felt we could not accurately attempt to match a 600 without a $t in VIAF to confirm the correct form of heading.


        Of course, the success of this matching will only be as good as the data represented in VIAF. Through testing we've discovered that a work's title may differ slightly in different contributors' VIAF records so some names may be updated while others aren't. 


        Any headings that do not have a match in VIAF will still go through our Authority Matching process as outlined within your profile settings.


        If desired, optional report 
R24 - Generic Names Flipped can be returned to help you review these updated headings.

        The incorporation of the VIAF name/work matching is now part of our 
DEFAULT matching process for Generic Names. If you desire to NOT include VIAF for the Generic Names, please do notify your Project Manager so she can turn off that process.



        New Cleanup: Obsolete Country Codes & Language Codes
        Another change we've made recently is to clean up obsolete Country Codes and Language Codes. If your records come through with either code that is now deemed obsolete on the MARC Standards page (https://www.loc.gov/marc/countries/countries_code.html and https://www.loc.gov/marc/languages/language_code.html)  we will edit the code to be what is now valid. The list is relatively short for both sets of codes, so few changes should be made.


        This is a new 
DEFAULT clean-up process, so if you prefer not to have these changes made, do let us know so we can turn off that rule for you.



        Updated Rule Option: Update $x subdivisions to $v (Authority Control 3-6)
        We've added a new option for this particular rule in section 3-6 of the Authority Control profile. The existing documentation states "When you leave Update $x subdivisions to $v unchecked in the profile, the possibility of being flipped based on an authority match still exists."  The great news is that now we have added an option to PROTECT that $x to keep it from changing based on the Authority Record. 


        If you currently have "Update $x subdivisions to $v" 
unchecked and would like to protect your $x, please contact your Project Manager so we can incorporate the new option for you.



        These changes and any upcoming changes will be reflected in the Wiki and the online Profiles soon.


        We'll continue to keep you updated with other changes we'll be making this year as soon as they're available.




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