[BSLWAC] Backstage - News Alert - October 9, 2018

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Author: Casey Cheney
To: bslwac
Subject: [BSLWAC] Backstage - News Alert - October 9, 2018
News Alert

        We have TWO Genre related announcements today!

        1. With the release of the 
OLAC Video Game Genre vocabulary late last week, we are very happy to announce that we have now incorporated the vocabulary into our Authority Matching process!




        2. We have now created a processing rule that will convert 
GSAFD genre terms to LCGFT prior to any authority matching. This is not a global setting and must be specifically requested.

        Who would want to consider this conversion? Anyone who currently has settings to match existing GSAFD terms against the LCGFT authority records. By using this conversion, you'll have a much higher match rate for your former GSAFD terms. 


are some terms that do not have an LCGFT equivalent and others that may have more than one equivalent; these will be written out to special reports (R44 and R45).



        If you're interested in either option, please let your Project Manager (or me) know so we can get you set up accordingly.


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