[BSLWAC] Backstage - News Alert - July 27, 2017

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Author: Nate Cothran
To: bslwac
Subject: [BSLWAC] Backstage - News Alert - July 27, 2017
News Alert

        Hello everyone!


        After many months of conversation, internal testing, plus one substantial live run, we are 
thrilled to announce that we are now able to add 34X fields to your bibliographic records!

        As Nate had mentioned in a post in March, we have chosen to err on the side of caution when adding the 34X fields and by default we will not add the fields unless specifically requested by our clients. Please feel free to peruse our Wiki for more information about how each field is added and what our limitations are: http://ac.bslw.com/community/wiki/index.php/RDA_4.8


        Your Online Profiles now have an option to select which of the 34X fields you'd like to implement (See RDA Profile section 4-8). Feel free to make these changes to your profile, but please also alert your Project Manager of your changes. 


        If you have any questions about these new fields, feel free to contact either me or your Project Manager directly. We're all happy to help you with whatever you need!


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