[BSLWAC] Backstage - News Alert - October 11, 2016

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Author: nate
To: bslwac
Subject: [BSLWAC] Backstage - News Alert - October 11, 2016
News Alert

        In the past, we have debated internally about how often we should update the listserv. We discovered that, typically, we tend to post three different types of information:

        * News alerts

        * System changes

        * Policy updates

        Sorting through the listserv archive to find these specific types of updates can be difficult. In an effort to simplify things, we will be prefacing these types of posts with that information in the subject line as well as at the top of the email. For instance, this particular email has 
News Alert at the top.
        Part and parcel of this change is that we want to be more open about general information relating to Backstage or Automation Services; continue to keep you up-to-date about new or revised policies from LC, PCC, etc; and start pushing out some brief descriptions of changes we make to our system.

        System changes may be useful to those of you that would prefer to gauge the impact of our proposed changes against the criteria you use for processing your ongoing files with us.

        As always, we welcome any feedback you have for us.


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