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Author: Nate Cothran
To: Backstage Library Works Authority Contol Listserv
Subject: [BSLWAC] Backstage - MeSH: Facets Update
Hi Everyone,

We have downloaded the latest version of the MeSH authority file as of late last week. As mentioned in the December 3, 2015 post, we do have the deconstruction solution in place on our side now (for your bibliographic records).

The price to retrospectively transform your bib records with MeSH headings over to the new faceted standard that NLM is following is $0.01 per record processed.

We have removed all of the MeSH authority files from each of our clients subscribing to those records. Starting Monday, January 25, we will also be applying the bibliographic transformation tool on all MeSH headings for your ongoing records, unless you instruct us to the contrary.

We are only defaulting to deconstructing 6xx MeSH headings in bibs for clients who do MeSH matching. Clients who have asked that we ignore MeSH headings will not have this transformation turned on.

For those of you that would like to transform your set of MeSH bib records to the new NLM standard, please note that you should also remove your existing MeSH authority records from your system. Once we have completed the transformation on our side, we will also deliver to you the new matching NLM authorities.

We cannot be sure that NLM is making no changes to authorities where no extra subdivisions existed in the first place. Our recommendation is to send in all bib records that have MeSH headings. Of course, please feel free to send in whatever makes sense to you in this regard.

As always, please let us know any questions or concerns you may have about this information.

Nate Cothran, PMP | Vice President, Automation Services
Backstage Library Works | Provo, Utah & Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
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