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Author: Jay Litwyn
To: fractdev
Subject: Re: [Fractdev] Anyone run DOS Fractint in CMD window in WinXP mode of Win7 Prof. 32-bit?
Mere aggregation iz not a copyright concern.
The size of file, however, iz.
The usual limit for e-mail is four meg az deterrent for mail bombing.
The file should also be scanned for viruses. While I expect that you
will do what you can, it's better if it's a public release for several
people on a mailing list, so you're making the offer correctly.
You are welcome to use any free or paid web host.
I use for my website.
I would expect THEM to scan for viruses, and I got a hint from McAfee
that they don't, and I do not know who to ask if they scan. They
recommend FTP other than windows, and so do I, because windows iz not
I lost some files when I moved my website.

On 2013-12-18 3:22 PM, Rupert Millard wrote:
> If you're virtualising anyway, why not use FreeDos? This is (largely)
> open source.
> I've just tried this to see if it works. It does. Subjectively, it's
> nowhere near as fast as XFractint, and SOI in particular is really
> slow. I would send you the appliance in open virtualisation format,
> if you like. It's 33.1 MiB. Just a bit worried about copyright
> before I dump it on the Internet, although it should all be OK, I
> think. Is it OK to bundle Freedos + Fractint in this way?
> Kind regards,
> Rupert
> On 18/12/13 01:05, Jay Litwyn wrote:
>> I tried VirtualBOX by Oracle. I am presently trying to figure out how to
>> enable virtual cores, because it might let me run Win98, Second Edition.
>> I am running windows 8 (~32 gig on disk, 1 gig in RAM (HS)), so I do not
>> even hav the option of XP mode. Bill Gates is a greedy %#$@^*, too. I
>> deleted eighty percent of the stuff on my startup screen, because it wuz
>> selling me stuff that duz not do what I want, and I totally remapped
>> what opens what. My support for Micro$oft haz ended. If I do not need
>> any features in Nero Ten that I did not hav with Nero Six, then I will
>> boot this thing with the recovery disks for my old desktop (Windows XP),
>> and go with a LOT of freeware support for XP (and Linux VirtualBoxes).
>> Decision: 2014-03-25 (my birthday).
>> I would love to run F4WB5, and it duzn't hav either the palette editor
>> or the aspect ratio right, so I do not like saving parameter files
>> under it.
>> On 2013-12-17 1:39 AM, Hal Lane wrote:
>>> Has anyone tried to run DOS Fractint in the CMD window
>>> in the WinXP mode of Windows 7 Professional 32-bit or
>>> 64-bit -- and if so -- which one?
>>> I hoping to gracefully retire my WinXP before Microsoft
>>> ends support in April 2014...
>>> - Hal Lane
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