Re: [Utah-astronomy] Transit of Venus: 5 June 2012

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Author: Chrismo
To: Utah Astronomy
Subject: Re: [Utah-astronomy] Transit of Venus: 5 June 2012
Those are great images Dave! Thanks for the link!

On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 7:32 PM, Dave Gary <davegary@???> wrote:

> Anyone who cares to look,
> This is the best I could do for the transit of Venus. It was very windy in
> Dammeron Valley, Utah (my location this time around--Andrew and Nancy
> Tomer’s driveway). Had it been calmer conditions Sun and Venus would not
> look as if they were deBrolie waveforms. I managed to get just after 1st
> contact, 2nd contact and a little after Greatest (midpoint) before I had to
> go home because of other commitments. Sorry, I couldn’t get more.
> Music, as always, to keep it less boring. Hopefully.
> Dave
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