[Utah-astronomy] Excel Challenge

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Author: jcarman6
To: Utah Astronomy
Subject: [Utah-astronomy] Excel Challenge

I admit I don't know excel that well, but if you are converting a text file to an excel file, then all the data for one item should be on one line, each piece of data in a separate column (sure you already know this).  Then you would sort by columns.  The order of the sort is critical, your other information (on the same line) should stay together.  Word does have a sort feature, but your text file needs to be in the form of a "table."  That's a unique to word processing way of listing data in a document   Then you sort the table columns .  Tables and excel are similar, but, of course, excel is far more powerful when it comes to data storage, display and manipulation .   Tables in word are like kindergarten and excel is high school.    I hope you post your solution. 

Think you go my post about the annular.  I posted in an unrelated thread.