[Utah-astronomy] Here's Some Sunspot Photos

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Author: jcarman6
To: Utah Astronomy
Subject: [Utah-astronomy] Here's Some Sunspot Photos

Brent, I'm holding out for Cedar Breaks.  I decided it would be a good photo op last fall when the board first started talking about it.  I don't think you had joined at that time.  I haven't said much because I'm hoping for just "a few good viewers" at that location.  It's not a big place to begin with.  The weather, of course, is an issue (for everyone).  Snow is also an issue, but it seems to have been a poor snow fall year .  Yes, SR-14 is out of commission.  Plan on driving through Parawa n and Brian Head to Cedar Breaks.  When you offered to share expenses on a flight down, I drooled, but the idea of a wide field view of Cedar Breaks with a ring of fire has me hooked.  The same would go for Hoodoos and Bryce.

Patrick, I went to the L.A. annular eclipse around 1992, 1993.  Got a good picture (just before the clouds covered it up.  Forgot all about it and rediscovered the pic about a month ago .  If the weather screws us all up on May 20th, I was planning to post a link for this board as a consolation priz e.  (This is what it would have looked like).  I could make the picture available. sooner :)