[Fractint] FOTD 04-05-12 (Jewel of the Alps [7])

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Author: Jim Muth
To: fractint
Subject: [Fractint] FOTD 04-05-12 (Jewel of the Alps [7])

FOTD -- May 04, 2012 (Rating 7)

Fractal visionaries and enthusiasts:

I see that the rating of today's image has dropped back to a 7.
Well, I guess we'll just have to do something about that in the
days to come.

The image lies in the parent fractal that results when 6.6
negative parts of Z^(-1.6) are combined with 2.3 negative parts
of Z^(-3.7) and (1/C) is added on each iteration. This parent
is a north-south series of large bays, with the southernmost bay
being the largest and also the most critical. Today's scene is
located on the northeast shore line of this large southern bay,
at the point where the buds appear ready to shrink to nothing.

The name "Jewel of the Alps" is a misnomer. Neither the image
nor the parent bears any resemblance to the Alps.

The calculation time of 3 minutes will pass swiftly once the
first coarse pass is finished and the awe-struck fractalist can
see what is on the way.

Find relief from the chore of calculation at the official FOTD
web site at:


View the image in high definition at:


View all the FOTD images at:


Today dawned foggy here at Fractal Central. The fog lifted in
the morning, revealing a brilliant blue sky and puffy white
clouds. The rest of the day brought a series of thunder-showers
alternating with brilliant sunshine. The temperature of 84F 29C
kept the fractal cats happy as they watched the falling rain.
Then they decided that asking for food would be more profitable.

The humans made it through the day with nothing to report other
than a decorative tile that FL said flew off the kitchen wall
and landed on the other side of the room. (Poltergeist activity
perhaps!) The next FOTD will be posted as soon as I have it
ready. Until whenever, take care, and successful people never
follow the crowd, they set the path for the crowd to follow.

Jim Muth

START PARAMETER FILE=======================================

Jewel_of_the_Alps { ; time=0:03:00.00 SF5 at 2000MHZ
reset=2004 type=formula formulafile=basicer.frm
formulaname=MandAutoCritInZ function=recip float=y
1.697931e+008/1/133.75/0 params=-6.6/-1.6/-2.3/\
-3.7/0/0/0/0 maxiter=3600 inside=0 periodicity=6
26A25A2592591481481471471 }

frm:MandAutoCritInZ {; Jim Muth
a=real(p1), b=imag(p1), d=real(p2), f=imag(p2),
g=1/f, h=1/d, j=1/(f-b), z=(((-a*b*g*h)^j)+(p4)),
k=real(p3)+1, l=imag(p3)+100, c=fn1(pixel):
|z| < l }

END PARAMETER FILE=========================================