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Author: Seth Jarvis
To: 'Utah Astronomy'
Subject: Re: [Utah-astronomy] Solar glasses

We sell solar eclipse glasses here at the planetarium for $1.95 per pair. Yes, you can get them for less online but you have to buy them in bulk as Wayne did.

We bought a lot of them in anticipation of public interest in both the eclipse and the transit of Venus on 6/5. People with good vision should be able to see Venus on the Sun with just the solar eclipse glasses. It'll be about the size of a medium sunspot.

The $1.95 eclipse glasses work great - they're made specifically for looking at the Sun.

We also sell glass solar filters for telescopes and binoculars - the same items you get online from Orion.

Also, you could go to a welding supply company and buy Grade #14 welder's helmet glass filter plate. It must be Grade 14 (they call it "shade 14") or higher to be safe. Costs about $4 for a 4" x 5" plate. The Sun is a lovely shade of green through these.

No, you can't combine two #7's to achieve the same result. Doesn't work that way.


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Subject: [Utah-astronomy] Solar glasses

I am looking to purchase solar glasses for the transit and the eclipse.
They are about a dollar each which worries me somehow. While I don't want to pay more than is necessary, I am wondering - really? - can I trust my eyes to be safe for a dollar? Thoughts?

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