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Author: FIDOS general announcements
To: FIDOS Announcements
Subject: [Fidos-announcements] Paws on Patios Reminder
Attention FIDOS -

Here is your friendly reminder to send your positive messages about "Paws
on Patios" to the health department. I know you all are looking forward to
being able to take your furry family members to have lunch, dinner or
coffee in the open air with the rest of the family.
Send email messages to rdelegge@??? or attend the Board of Health
meeting on April 11th at 5:00 pm at 788 E Woodoak Lane in Murray and make
your comments in person.
Thanks so much. With your help we can make Salt Lake County a more
dog-friendly community.

Your Friends at MillcreekFIDOS
www.MillcreekFIDOS.org <http://www.millcreekfidos.org/>