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Author: For and about Montgomery Sailboats
To: For and about Montgomery Sailboats
Subject: M_Boats: Interior Paint
I'd like to paint the interior of my M17. I don't want to get too glossy. Any suggestions what is the best thing to use???
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Hello All: thanks for responses. The reason for my inquiry is that I have a
31 year old Monty 15 that has a masthead rig, which was set-up by the
original owner (without a compression post) and I have always like it. I
have not used my boat in years but am restoring it and setting it up (the
way I should have done years ago). I am not going to change the rig to the
three point rig on a typical M15 so Jerry Montgomery suggested that I add a
post. So now I am at the point in my boat restoration that I need to add
this post and noticed that some M17s have a SS compression post that did not
appear to have a very large diameter. My plan, now that I have received
responses from my group question, is to get a compression post from Bob Eeg
and modify it to fit in my M15.

I really appreciate this group because when asked you always have good
suggestions to help those of us that are in need of advice, etc. I hope to
see you guys out at Havasu at the HPCC next February.

PS: I have no idea if there is any kind of mechanical/sailing advantage to
having a masthead rig versus the 3 point fractional rig on a M15. Just know
that I like it.


Mike Hall
M15 #167 "Dreki"
Tustin, CA

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From: "Joe Murphy" <seagray@???>
To: "For and about Montgomery Sailboats"
Sent: Sunday, April 01, 2012 6:34 AM
Subject: Re: M_Boats: M17 Compression Post

What are you using in place of the compression post? Is your new solution
something that can be retrofitted to a 2002 M17??
SeaFrog #651
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From: Bob Eeg
To: montgomery_boats@???
Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2012 11:53 PM
Subject: Re: M_Boats: M17 Compression Post

Hi Mike

I use a 7/8 stainless tube with a flange on each end. The Newest 17s have
no compression post.
I have some tubes if you need one.

Montgomery boats.
(949) 489-8227

> From: beowulf2@???
> To: montgomery_boats@???
> Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2012 18:15:40 -0700
> Subject: M_Boats: M17 Compression Post
> Hello All: Does anyone know what the pipe size is of the M17 Stainless

steel compression post?
> Mike Hall
> M15 #167 "Dreki"
> Tustin, CA