Re: [Fractint] FOTD 22-03-12 (Unlucky Thirteen [7+])

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Author: Jonathan Osuch
To: Fractint and General Fractals Discussion
Subject: Re: [Fractint] FOTD 22-03-12 (Unlucky Thirteen [7+])

> (Fractint bug alert: if the value of the imag(p1) parameter is
> entered in the parameter file as 1000000000000000 , the program
> reads the value as -1530494976 Changing the parameter file
> entry to 1000000000000000.0 [adding a decimal point and a zero]
> cures the problem. Something else is being picked up, but I
> cannot see what.)

The value 1000000000000000 (1e+15) requires 7 bytes to be represented as
an integer. The long integer type (the biggest we have available) only
has 4 bytes, so the top three bytes are dropped. The value -1530494976
is what is left in the lower four bytes. The range of integers that can
be used are -2,147,483,648 to +2,147,483,647.