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Author: Healthy Planet Mobilization Committee
To: Healthy Planet mobe
Subject: [HPMC] Why Tar Sands Oil must be stopped, 6:30 Friday @First Unitarian Church, 569 S. 13th East
*Will the Tar Sands be the Tipping Point?*
*Friday, January 20, 2012, 6:30-9:30 pm, Eliot Hall*
*First Unitarian Church, 569 S 1300 E, Salt Lake City*
* *
Will the Tar Sands be the tipping point? Dr. James Hansen, noted NASA
Climate Scientist, has said that if the Alberta Oil Sands are tapped,
it's *essentially
game over* for any hope of achieving a stable climate. The New York Times
has stated: *if it were left up to economics, tar sands development (and
the planetary destruction that comes with it) would be inevitable. Good
thing we're not leaving it up to economics! [Source: 350.org]*****
** **
Join us as we learn the facts about tar sands [Film clips from: *H2Oil *and* To
the Tar Sands*], discuss the implications of tar sands oil extraction in
Canada, the United States, Utah, and for a livable future [John Weisheit,
Living Rivers, via Skype from Moab]; hear from those who have already taken
action [Kathy Albury, arrested in DC for her Tar Sands Action against the
Keystone XL Pipeline]; and then we will move to our own action planning
[with assistance from Utah Tar Sands Resistance and others]. What form
will our action take? How will* you* get involved? ****
** **
This presentation is part of Environmental Ministry's Third Friday Film and
Discussion Series. ****

Joan M. Gregory, Coordinator, Environmental Ministry****
First Unitarian Church, 569 S 1300 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84102****
HOME: 801-582-7783; WORK: 801-581-5269; FAX: 801-581-3632****
EMAIL: jmg@???****