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Author: Keith
To: zorn-list
Subject: Re: 2011 lists please
Electric Fruit - Walter/Halvorson/Evans

Apparent Distance - Taylor Ho Bynum 6tet

VC/DC - Motland/Lonberh-Holm/Solberg/Gjerstad

Frank & Max - Simon H. Fell

In Animal Tongue - Evangelista

Blasphemy and Other Serious Crimes - Pitom

Broken Partials - Shipp/Morris

Apocalypse - Bill Callahan

Insomnia - Tim Berne

A Flutter and Some Words - Ingrid Chavez

Quartet (Mestre) 2008) - Anthony Braxton

Tower, Vol. 2 - Marc Ducret

The Veil - Cline/Berne/Black

Positions and Descriptions - Simon H. Fell

Next - Taylor Ho Bynum/Joe Morris/Sara Schoenbeck