Brett Barret Christmas display

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Author: JC Hackett
To: J.C Hacketts Chatter
Subject: Brett Barret Christmas display

This story is about a Cruiser, and a friend (although he drives a MOPAR.. we
can't hold that against him) After you watch these T.V news stories..

You will realize who Brett is although you may not recognize his name, most
of us have to relate to his Orange "Super" Challenger.

What do you think about "circling the wagons as it were" .. meaning we ALL
do a "drive by" this THURSDAY night (Dec 22), take a Christmas card with you
and stop by Brett's house long enough to give it to him and Thank him for
making his Christmas dream a WONDERFUL memory for ALL of us!

Brett's Address is 8005 Twelve Pines Drive (80th south & 12th east)

It should be dark enough by 6:30.. after the "Drive-By" we can always meet
at Golden Corral 665e 7200s (665s Fort Union Blvd)

Come on and. DO IT! It should be Fantastic Christmas FUN! (and a terrific
boost for Brett)

IMPORTANT.. Check out these two links..
<> &watch=1

J.C Hackett

Oldies "Rock & Roll Radio" Productions

Real Oldies AM 1060, Salt Lake City, Utah