Re: [Fractdev] makefrac link error

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Author: Jonathan Osuch
To: Fractint developer's list
Subject: Re: [Fractdev] makefrac link error

> Just to clarify:
> That said, despite everything you have suggested, the Windows XP box
> still gives the same message about
> run-time error R6908
> - DOSX32 : can not find file : ms32em87.dll
> NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'CL' : return code '255'
> Stop.

Ahh. Sorry. My XP machines are set up like this:

System.ini has the same changes as for W98. The autoexec.bat and
config.sys files are empty.

Right click on My Computer and select properties, then to set the
environment variables on the Advanced tab:
    Environment Variables:
      HELP     c:\c700\help;c:\masm\help
      INCLUDE  c:\c700\include;c:\masm\include
      INIT     c:\c700\init
      LIB      c:\c700\lib
      PATH     C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\System32

Shortcut to the command prompt has this target:


and is set to start in the folder with makefrac.bat in it. No
compatibility options are selected.

I have two machines set up like this. The older (Sony) will let
Fractint start up but only allows a 320x200 image to be generated,
otherwise it crashes. The newer (Gateway) runs without any problems.