Sugar House Review Presents Nick Demske and Rob Carney

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Author: CityArt at the library
To: City Art
Subject: Sugar House Review Presents Nick Demske and Rob Carney
Monday, October 24 · 7:00pm

Mt. Tabor Lutheran Church
175 South 700 East
Salt Lake City, UT

House Review and the Utah Humanities Council are pleased to announce a
reading with poets Nick Demske, author of Nick Demske, and Rob Carney,
author of Story Problems on Monday, October 24th at 7:00 p.m. at the Mount Tabor Lutheran Church (175 South 700 East). This event is free and open to the public. It will include a Q & A session and meet and
greet. Copies of the poets' books and Sugar House Review will be
available topurchase.

Demske’s first collection, Nick Demske, is ostensibly a collection of
sonnets, though it’s more like sonnet taxidermy, the sonnet eviscerated.
The hide is in place, the constraints are there, but our pet is no
longer our pet. The eyes are different and the lips curl up just so. The
fourteen lines are present, except when they trail off. The rhyme
schemes, while they shift from poem to poem, are nearly always present
though Demske innovates on the form by simply breaking words as is
convenient to make rhymes work, a move now known as “the Demske.” These
breaks are startling, confusing, and simultaneously hilarious once the
pattern begins to emerge. Nick lives in Racine Wisconsin and works there at the Racine Public Library. His self-titled manuscript was chosen by
Joyelle McSweeney for the Fence Modern Poets Series Award and published
by Fence Books in 2010. He is a founder and editor of the online forum
boo: a journal of terrific things ( and curates the BONK! performance series in Racine ( To find reviews, interviews, poems, audio, video and a list of upcoming readings, please visit

Rob Carney's third full-length collection, Story Problems, is built
upon musical narrative poems that take on the form of a newspaper with
sections like "Want Ads and Personals" and "Op Eds and Parables." Poet
Maria Melendez notes that "Carney's gift is to make us believe that it
really is me this time, and it really is you. His blending of the
utterly believable with the incredible makes this book a poetic
wonderland." Rob is originally from Washington State and earned his BA
from Pacific Lutheran University, his MFA from Eastern Washington
University, and his PhD from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. He
is the author of New Fables, Old Songs (Dream Horse Press, 2003) and
Boasts, Toasts, and Ghosts (Pinyon Press, 2003), which won the 2004 Utah Book Award for Poetry. His collection This Is One Sexy Planet won the
2005 Frank Cat Press Annual Poetry Chapbook Contest, and he won The
National Poetry Review's 2004 Chapbook competition for The Book of the
Living. His writing has appeared previously in Atlanta Review,
Mid-American Review, The National Poetry Review, Poetry Northwest,
Quarterly West, Redactions: Poetry & Poetics, and many others, as
well as in the collection Flash Fiction Forward (W.W. Norton, 2006).
Currently, he is a professor at Utah Valley State College and lives in Salt Lake City.

Joel Long