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Author: trm
To: What were the skies like when you were young?
Subject: Re: [Orb] A 3hr Orb Mix
Yup. I always keep a few old browser setup.exe files handy for such
chores. And they're archived in various tubes
<>in the Internets.


On 9/25/2011 2:46 PM, MFL Hotmail wrote:
> The cache thing only works for me on Chrome or Firefox 3 or before.
> Firefox 4 and up, and IE 7 and up, have a fragmented cache system......
> See, I knew you all were to clever. lol.
> Cheers!
> Michael
> On 9/25/2011 7:47 AM, trm wrote:
>> On 9/25/2011 2:20 AM, Robert Stringer wrote:
>>> Install a program to download the mix, right. No thankx
>> Program? Try navigating to your cache after you stream and renaming
>> the extension. No exterior program involved--just your browser and cache.