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Author: MFL Hotmail
To: What were the skies like when you were young?
Subject: Re: [Orb] A 3hr Orb Mix
I guess I should tell everyone again that there are really 9 hours of
Orb listening on "The 180" site. "The 180" is where guests takeover my
radio show Music For Listeners and play whatever they want. We've had a
good deal of artists over the last couple of years, ranging from The
Spinto Band, to Django Django to Ash, to David Gedge of Wedding Present,
to Still Corners, and many many more.

Well, we had Steve and Miquette in June
Alex did this mix in July
and Thomas did his mix in August. (I think Alex helped out because
Thomas was pretty busy, but it is all Thomas inspired tunes, and Thomas
did mix a decent chunk of the program himself.

I don't usually post links to the streams for copyright issues, but you
are all a pretty clever bunch. I'm sure you can Chrome your cache.

Listen in over at - browse to the different
months to listen in to each program.


P.S. I did send out a notice on this list when Alex's show was aired,
but I don't know why anyone didn't reply on here. There are some
serious serious rare shit on that program, and I'm still so happy to see
everyone enjoying it.

On 9/24/2011 4:58 PM, steve sansum wright wrote:
> Oh mate you just made my weekend,
> Just put the wife to bed, and now I have
> three hours of bliss lined up.
> Thanks so much, your efforts are always appriciated
> By us, and the crew of the mothership.
> Cheers Steve
> And Lazy, you should never be too give credit where its due.
> On 24/09/11 22:37, MFL Hotmail wrote:
>> So nice of Lazy to barely give credit to my radio show and repost
>> stuff from my website.
>> Thanks again to Alex for taking part in the 20th Anniversary
>> celebration on Music For Listeners, and for giving us "listeners" a
>> great show that shocked even me when I first heard it.
>> Yours always in Orbness....
>> Michael "Skidoo" Thomas
>> On 9/24/2011 2:49 PM, Richard Nusbaum wrote:
>>> Lazy just posted this mix on his blog
>>> (Please excuse the formatting.)
>>> The Orb have put together a rather lush 3 hour mix to celebrate the
>>> 20th Anniversary of Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld. A stack of
>>> rare and unreleased tracks/remixes ... so so much tasty goodness.
>>> *Tracklisting*
>>> 1) The Orb-"Spanish Castles in Space (Mix 3)" featuring Main Titles
>>> of Blade Runner by Vangelis - Unreleased
>>> 2) The Orb-"A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The
>>> Centre Of The Ultraworld (Loving You) (Peel Session - December 3,
>>> 1989)" From the CD 'Peel Sessions'.
>>> 3) System 7-"Sunburst" From the UK CD 'System 7'.
>>> 4) The Orb-"Pomme Fritz (Very Rough Dance Mix)" - Unreleased
>>> 5) The Orb v. MNM-"Toxygene v. Guess Who' Back" - Unreleased
>>> 6) The Orb-"OOBE (Live Mix - First Pass)" - Unreleased
>>> 7) The Orb-"Chuck Peaks" From the vinyl LP version of 'Baghdad
>>> Batteries: Orbsessions Vol. 3'.
>>> U2-"Numb (The Deaf & Dumb Orb Remix)" - Unreleased
>>> 9) Primal Scream-"Higher Than the Sun (Kites In Space Mix by The
>>> Orb)" - Unreleased
>>> 10) Thomas Fehlmann-"Cityscape" From the CD 'Gute Luft'. The
>>> soundtrack for the series "24h Berlin".
>>> 11) The Orb-"Thule" From the unreleased LP 'The Orb in Theory'.
>>> 12) Coldcut-"Timber (Super Sargasso Orb Mix)" From the CD
>>> compilation box set 'Ninja Tune XX'.
>>> 13) Louis Armstrong-"What a Wonderful World (The Little Blue Planet
>>> Mix by The Orb )" From the compilation CD 'Verve Remixed Christmas'.
>>> 14) The Orb-"Metallic Spheres (Gaudi Mix)" - Unreleased
>>> 15) Primal Scream-"Shine Like Stars (Orb Mix)" - Unreleased
>>> 16) HFB-"Hidden Foto Banks (Remix)" - Unreleased part of
>>> 'PixelJunked - The Original Soundtrack to Shooter 1 & 2'
>>> 17) The Orb-"C Batter C (HFB Remix)" - Unreleased
>>> 1 The Orb-"Cycling By the Rhine" From the unreleased LP 'The Orb in
>>> Theory'.
>>> 19) The Orb-"Towers of Dub (Original Mix)" From the vinyl 12" EP
>>> 'The Orb in Dub'.
>>> 20) Screen-"Can U Hear Me?" From forthcoming album 'A.R.E.'.
>>> 21) HFB-"God is No Dog" - Unreleased part of 'PixelJunked - The
>>> Original Soundtrack to Shooter 1 & 2'
>>> 22) The Rootmasters-"Prozac Nation" - Unreleased
>>> 23) The Orb-"Blue Room (2010 Version)" - Unreleased
>>> 24) Screen-"Frog Time" From forthcoming album 'A.R.E.'.
>>> Links are listed below:
>>> Stop by and thank Lazy if you like.
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