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Author: Doug Hartman
To: CANSLIM Stock Investment Group
Subject: Re: [CANSLIM] Anyone familiar with Investools? Now I am, well, somewhat.
Does anyone have any experience with Fred Richards and ? He uses CANSLIM, then simplifies it, and appears to a have posted some pretty good real time numbers  since 1996. 

From: Duane Runnels <drunnels@???>
To: CANSLIM Stock Investment Group <canslim@???>
Sent: Sunday, September 4, 2011 8:14 PM
Subject: Re: [CANSLIM] Anyone familiar with Investools? Now I am, well, somewhat.

Tread lightly grasshopper, you're in the shark tank now with no repellent.

--- On Sun, 9/4/11, Anjan . <milscaner@???> wrote:

>From: Anjan . <milscaner@???>
>Subject: Re: [CANSLIM] Anyone familiar with Investools? Now I am, well, somewhat.
>To: dmusicant@???, "CANSLIM Stock Investment Group" <canslim@???>
>Date: Sunday, September 4, 2011, 3:24 AM
>I see IBD as "knowledge". And InvesTool as a "tool" that uses "knowledge". For fair comparison of "tools" you may wish to also try IBD's MarketSmith.
>The difference between trading "stocks" and trading "option spreads" is like the difference between playing "Checkers" and playing "Chess".
>On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 7:31 PM, <dmusicant@???> wrote:
>On Wed, 6 Jul 2011 16:24:19 -0400 (EDT), you wrote:
>>:Hi Dan:
>>:I enrolled in the two week Investools trading course offered by Think or Swim (TOS) in March of this year.
>>:After that I have been using the Toolbox on a daily basis aas I track and trade issues on the market.
>>:For me, I prefer it to the IBD tool and methods and find the outputs from Investtools more specific and CONSISTENT.
>>:I had been a follower and user of CANSLIM and subscriber to IBD for many years, but I have abandoned both, as I found too many exceptions and inconsistencies on a long running basis. In addition, my observation was that IBD and the staff were too wrapped up in political diatribe rather than concentrating on the market.
>>:In addition, TOS offers many one hour no fee seminars on the internet on additional market topics and trading techniques (e.g. basic options, advanced options, futures trading, Fibonacci etc). These are recorded and available for review for several weeks after the actual event.
>>Well, I did basically nothing with Investools although my subscription
>>based on my $500 credit was for only 3 months. I got a phone call about
>>3 weeks ago now from one of their representatives saying they would, if
>>I wished, enroll me at a complementary 2 day workshop in my region, and
>>this was this last Wednesday and Thursday, 8:30AM to 5:00PM both days at
>>the SF Airport Marriott. I was encouraged to complete the basic online
>>course before the workshop, with its 7 lessons. I have been very busy
>>with this and that and didn't try to access the online course until
>>about 5-6 days before the workshop was to begin (i.e. a bit over a week
>>ago), and had problems. The problems were probably with Adobe Flash, and
>>maybe partly my confusion with a new and complex system. I was advised
>>to uninstall Flash and reinstall, and that seemed to fix some things,
>>but by then I had only a day or two and didn't accomplish much.
>>Anyway, I hoped that I would get something out of the workshop
>>regardless, and I attended. I am super glad I went. The presenter was
>>fabulous, knows their system cold and believes in it very sincerely and
>>I consider myself a convert at this point.
>>Evidently the Think or Swim software is available to anyone who has
>>accounts at TDAmeritrade, or perhaps you need to subscribe to
>>Investools, I don't know. I can continue to use the Investools Toolbox
>>if I pay a monthly subscription fee of about $40, and although I was
>>doubtful before, I am almost sure I will continue it. I will surely
>>continue for at least several months and see what happens.
>>Like you, Winston, I now all of a sudden am regarding IBD with
>>suspicion. About 6 weeks ago subscribed for 80 weeks to the Monday
>>addition in addition to some online access privileges, which do not
>>include IBD on a daily basis. The articles and approach of IBD seem not
>>so great to me all of a sudden after having attended the intensive two
>>day Investools workshop. Other workshops are apt to be held in my area
>>and I will keep my ear to the ground to find out and attend if at all
>>possible. There were around 300 people attending and it was a large
>>conference room sort of affair. We had tables with seats, refreshments
>>provided by the hotel.
>>The TDAmeritrade people tried to get attendees to subscribe to special
>>courses such as Basic Options (4 months), Advanced Options (4 months),
>>Stocks and Options (8 months), a couple of others and a kind of super
>>course that includes everything and lasts 32 months.
>>TDAmeritrade bought Investools, which includes the Think or Swim
>>software last January for $600,000,000, and according to the main
>>presenter, they've already made it much better.
>>I didn't expect a system as smart and aggressive as CANSLIM, but IMO
>>it's even smarter. It's designed to enable you to succeed in any kind of
>>market, up, down or sideways.
>>BTW, the main presenter (Darren Kimoto) absolutely believes we are
>>currently in a down market, whereas IBD still maintains that we are in a
>>confirmed uptrend. I think I side with Investools on this one. IBD's
>>rule set on this (i.e. when we are in an uptrend vs. downtrend, etc.) is
>>too rigid. I'll hold on to my any-time cancellable subscription to IBD
>>at least for a while and later decide if it's a worthy supplement to the
>>Investools system and Think or Swim, perhaps I'll cancel IBD. Investools
>>will only be accessible to me if I continue to pay $40/month for it.
>>The courses, which cost from $2100 to $20,000 for TDAmeritrade clients
>>(about 25% more for others), entitle you to coaches and "Trading Rooms"
>>which are supposed to be very helpful in getting people up to speed with
>>complex topics such as basic and advanced options trading methodologies.
>>Darren Kimoto maintains staunchly that using some of the options
>>techniques you can get returns similar to other techniques with
>>considerably less risk involved... if you know what you are doing. WON,
>>in the latest editon of HTMMIS said, basically, "don't let anyone tell
>>you you can succeed with spread options," but Darren Kimoto demonstrated
>>the opposite. You have to pay attention and be nimble.   :)
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>>:>From: dmusicant@???
>>:>Sent: Jul 5, 2011 6:02 PM
>>:>To: CANSLIM Stock Investment Group <canslim@???>
>>:>Subject: [CANSLIM]  Anyone familiar with Investools?
>>:>My trading accounts (margin and Roth IRA) are at TDAmeritrade and they
>>:>have a relationship with Investools, a company that has tools for
>>:>traders including something they call the Toolbox. The customer service
>>:>representative who I was assigned at TDAmeritrade told me that
>>:>Investools/Investbox costs $500 for 3 months including online courses
>>:>and thereafter the Toolbox is $39/month, but that Investools will credit
>>:>$50 toward the $500 for every $10,000 I fund my trading account at
>>:>TDAmeritrade. So, I just brought over almost $100,000 (it's in a mutual
>>:>fund, but I made TDAmeritrade the custodian instead of my local bank),
>>:>and so I funded up a bit (to get to about $100,000) to get the
>>:>Investools stuff for 3 months for free.
>>:>I get a counselor, free access to "coaches."
>>:>They have a lot of tools including rankings of different stock groups,
>>:>searches, graphing software with training in technical analysis and
>>:>fundamental analysis, their own system to determine buy and sell points,
>>:>etc. I haven't even begun to look at all the stuff. My counselor did a
>>:>50 minute phone thing with me where he gave me access to his computer
>>:>screen and he demoed ways to use the site the other day, including
>>:>finding stocks, looking for buy/sell points, determining favorable
>>:>market conditions, etc.
>>:>Does anyone have any experience with these people? I'm about to
>>:>subscribe again to IBD, probably online because I don't want to
>>:>accumulate a lot of newspapers. Does anyone subscribe at Investools or
>>:>have you subscribed to them in the past or done what I'm doing now?
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