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Author: Backstage Library Works Authority Contol Listserv
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Subject: Re: [BSLWAC] Alexander Street, Chadwyk

Concerning the BSLW reports that accompany the quarterlies: I have a simple
Excel-based procedure for handling these that cuts down on the time they
require by about 75%. I made the procedure available here a couple of years
ago and it was well received. Did you see it then?

BTW, with III we also have to review local system-generated reports as well
as the BSLW reports after quarterly updates just like you do.

Ted Waller
Carlyle Campbell Library
Meredith College
919 760 8381

On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 9:07 AM, Judith A Kirk <judith.a.kirk@???>wrote:

> Exactly. This is why we try to handle this stuff inhouse....these name
> headings can be so poorly constructed that we end up with mismatches from
> BSLW, and that means I have to deal manually with it anyway, so I may as
> well "head this off at the pass' and not send the records for authority
> control. Too many mismatches.
> This is -not- the fault of BSLW. We save money (and frustration on my part)
> by not sending those records to BSLW as part of our quarterly workflow. It
> took awhile to totally tailor our profile the way we wanted, but now it's
> worth it.
> We've been with BSLW for a year and a half, and I'm finally getting a
> reasonable handle on the quarterly workflow. It took me awhile to integrate
> what I could get from BSLW with what Voyager could give me, and to plan
> which reports to address first. If you're a Voyager library, you still need
> to check the global change queue :-) so it's like an additional 'report'
> that corresponds in some ways to the BSLW "Authority record change" report.
> The significant changes I -need- to deal with, I get from the Voyager global
> change report. All other changes (in fixed fields, added cross-references or
> note fields) are noted in the BSLW authority change reports, and I don't
> need those as much as the Voyager global change queue. So that eliminated
> quite a large number of BSLW reports from my consideration.
> Western has one person dedicated to authority control 40 hours a week (me)
> and there's PLENTY to keep me busy. I'm not sure how other libraries without
> that many hours for authority control deal with the reports/quantity of
> work. If we did not reconcile those reports, our database would be
> suffering.
> I can't impress how important it is to have someone or someones who can
> systematically go through these reports to find the work they need to do.
> Once you get through it a few times, it gets easier, but there is still
> plenty to keep me busy until the next quarter. I also do NACO work,
> generally I can get the most done at the end of one quarter and before we
> ship out the next quarter's records. This last time I used those couple of
> weeks to eliminate the old LC genre authority records manually and to
> re-code bib records with 650's that should be 655's. Our Voyager system is
> set to NOT overlay on $z in the 010 field. I also just finished work going
> through every gsafd heading and comparing against our catalog, adding the
> appropriate indicator and $2 gsafd. Where there were duplicates or conflicts
> between gsafd and lc genre, I took lc genre as the preferred heading.
> Enough rambling...even on a Friday. Time to get back to the global change
> queue.
> Judith Kirk
> Coordinator, Authority Control
> Western Michigan University Libraries
> Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5353
> 269-387-0688
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> Just a comment: I don’t think this is necessarily a question of the age of
> records – we have seen sets of ‘MARC’ records for e-books that were of
> appalling quality.
> Alan
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