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Author: Sean David Morton
To: Heaven & Earth
Subject: [SDM/Heaven & Earth] - July 1 Discount Deadline - Visit Mayan Temples in Mexico and Guatemala

You are invited to join us on an amazing tour to the Yucatan, November 3
to 14, 2011, "11:11:11: Activating the Mayan Stargate" - Full Moon in
the Land of the Maya.

For Discount Deadline, Register before July 1:
www.mayanstargate.com <http://www.mayanstargate.com>

Walk through the 11:11:11 Stargate on November 11, 1011 during our
11-night spiritual tour to the Mayan Temples of Mexico and Guatemala,
coming up November 3 to 14, 2011. Join famed radio personality Sean
David Morton and best selling author and spiritual teacher Dr. Susan
Shumsky, whose vision made this once-in-a-lifetime experience possible.

Join us as we experience the Full Moon in Tikal on 11-11-11. We will
tour the sacred Mayan sites of Ek Balam, Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Labna,
Palenque, Tonina, Yaxchilan, Tikal, Uaxactun, and Chichicastenango. We
will participate in sacred ceremonies at ancient temples, power spots,
and spiritual vortexes, with Mayan Elders.

For more information:
www.mayanstargate.com <http://www.mayanstargate.com>

Divine Travels
818 SW 3rd Ave. #1505
Portland, OR 97204
www.divinetravels.com <http://www.divinetravels.com>

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