[uscv-voting_activists] Time standards vs. Microsoft

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Author: Dr. Charles E. Corry
To: uscv-voting_activists, ColoradoVoter
Subject: [uscv-voting_activists] Time standards vs. Microsoft
After an extended 8 1/2 hour outage of Comcast Internet yesterday
I had occasion to check the time on our PC. I noticed that the PC 
clock was slow by about 3 minutes compared with my Mac. I then went 
to the Date & Time on the PC control panel and, assuming the clock 
was slow due to the extended outage, went to Internet Time and did an 
Update Now against time.windows.com. The computer clock was still 
several minutes slow. So I then did an Update Now against 
time.nist.gov and got the correct time.
      Note that any computer, and that includes most voting machines, 
using the Microsoft time standard will have the wrong time on them. 
That can be critical in numerous computer functions, particularly if 
operating across either a LAN or WAN.
           Chuck Corry
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