MtMan-List: Conditioning a buffalo robe?

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Author: rjbublitz
To: Hist, List, List, AMM
Subject: MtMan-List: Conditioning a buffalo robe?
Hi Folks,  A friend just e-mailed me that he got a buffalo robe.  He says the guy he got from said he just needed to treat it with snoseal and it would be good to go. I don't know yet if it is brain tanned , or commercial tannned.  Question: do any of you condition the leather side of your buff robes?  I never thought of it.  I have a Wes Housler brain tanned cow robe, and all I do is keep it clean by beating it with a tennis racket over a clothes line after each use (to remove dust and chaf).  Conditioning the leather never occurred to me.  Do any of you do anything to preserve your robes?