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Author: Kathy Dopp
To: uscv-voting activists
Subject: [uscv-voting_activists] The depths of dishonesty among *some* (not all) political scientists is mind-boggling
I went to my hearing yesterday, where I was charged with all sorts of
false charges by an entire cozy group of faculty - friends who
socialize with each other outside of the college environment - and who
obviously planned what they would say together, since they all claimed
the exact same false claims in two broad areas.

So, the deep dishonesty level - the skillful and deliberate use of
mischaracterization and unfounded allegations which we've seen used so
skillfully by political scientists like Mark Lindeman - and the misuse
of mathematical tools by many (not all) political scientists - to
convince observers that all sorts of things that are not true, that
are true (or vice-versa) -- is much more systemic among a sadly
too-large share of political scientists. For instance, the overuse and
misuse of linear regression analysis and the misuse of data
aggregation, running averages, and the like. ... Even the very famous
old scholars have messed up their mathematics within the field of
political science as it turns out - collapsing multi-dimensional
problems down to two dimensions - so distorting the data...

However, I think my hearing went well (not perfectly), and I'll most
likely be able to continue my education here despite their plot to
stop me, which was led by a professor who strongly opposes any
election integrity/public verification of election outcomes work and
who avidly supports the fundamentally unfair method of instant runoff
voting (thus she has two motives for trying to get rid of me) and
another professor who strongly opposed my work mathematically
analyzing the implementation of the Voting Rights Act preclearance
clause that actually hurts, rather than helps, the legislative
representation of covered minority groups in many instances - for
instance in the state of Virginia, in half the state of NC, and in two
counties in FL. (He also assigned highly offensive - to me at least -
old, 1960s era racist materials to read during his course and never
identified them as such.)

I will find out, I believe within a few weeks, what the outcome of the
hearing is, but hopefully the hearing committee will make the right
decision, since their ploy of making false allegations was so
transparent - at least for some of the allegations they made only a
year after they allegedly occurred. I had some expert help developing
my testimony by a few great friends and an attorney helped me ask the
right questions during the hearing so that I got stipulations that
these profs had never made some of their most serious allegations
until *after* they'd found out I'd planned to talk to the Dean about
their behavior and until long after (more than a year in some cases)
the alleged incident had occurred.

Putting together all my evidence for the hearing (a time-sucking
unproductive month but necessary to defend myself) means, ironically,
I will be now more than ever prepared to make a formal complaint
against these profs on several grounds to the Dean or Provost. Plus,
I'll have a copy of the audio tape of the hearing in which many
additional false claims were made -- often very easily provably false
claims. The entire plot against me seems so stupid (in addition to
wholly unethical).

Just thought you'd all want to know, that despite my initial pessimism
- I once again have slaved to get the truth out as much as I can
(which never seems like enough) and avoided getting buried - enough, I
believe, to continue my work to obtain the Ph.D.

However, after all this work, I wonder if I myself and becoming burned
out, tired, discouraged, and stupid myself from all the harassment and
unfair treatment I've been singled out for due to what my mathematical
and scientific training reveals that goes against the prevailing
opinions by political scientists. The field of political science
desperately needs people like me, but we are not wanted by a sadly
too-large proportion of these existing scholars who once told me "We
don't care if votes are counted accurately". However, there are a few
great professors here, two of whom helped me out by giving testimony
for the hearing.


Kathy Dopp
Town of Colonie, NY 12304
"One of the best ways to keep any conversation civil is to support the
discussion with true facts."

Fundamentals of Verifiable Elections

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