[Uvcrypto] The spring of cryptography

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Author: Hilarie Orman
To: uvcrypto
Subject: [Uvcrypto] The spring of cryptography
Hello Utah Valley Crypto folk, it has been a long time since we had
a meeting, but a few of us got to talking at the Timpanogos Symphony
concert last week, and we'd like to shoot for a lunch meeting soon.

I suggest that May 10, 11, or 12 would be good. Many of our
favorite restaurants have closed, so I'll suggest that we try
something new --- either Communal in Provo (a great place, maybe
kinda pricey) or La Dolce Vita, also in Provo, and around the corner
from Communal.

Let me know your preferences, and spread the word. UV Crypto is informal,
and we discuss cryptography and computer security.