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Author: Backstage Library Works Authority Contol Listserv
To: bslwac
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Subject: Re: [BSLWAC] LC Genre/Form (LCGFT) - Authority Records
Hi Adam,

Thank you for your response. In reviewing our planned policy we are
seeing the need to clarify what we are currently doing with 655-0
genres, and also slightly revise what we will do when LC moves all 155's
to the LCGFT. Currently we are matching 655-0 genres against LCSH 155
headings only (or 455 see-reference headings). If there is no match our
system does not move on to the 150 terms, even though they are allowable
by LC. So this shouldn't cause a conflict in situations such as yours
where you have separate subject and genre indexes.

After further discussion and consideration we feel that we should
continue the same policy rather than adjusting it so 150 terms are
searched if LCGFT headings aren't yet available. After LC deletes their
155 LCSH authorities and replaces them with new LCGFT authority records,
we will search 655-0 genres against the LCGFT and if there is no match
we will report them on our R07 Genre Unmatched Headings List rather than
moving on to search the LCSH 150 terms.

The above is (and will remain) our standard default policy, but if you
need custom matching rules for your particular situation, we are happy
to create them for you. For those of you who already have some
specialized rules, we will make sure they continue when LC puts out the
LCGFT authorities.

As always, comments, suggestions, and questions are welcome.

Thank you,

Karen Anderson
Authority Control Librarian
Backstage Library Works

On 3/16/2011 11:46 AM, Adam L. Schiff wrote:
> Karen,
> The problem that we would have with returning LCSH that matches terms
> coded 655 _0 is that we have separate subject and genre indexes in our
> catalog. An authority with 150 will be indexed in the subject index,
> while one with 155 would go into our genre index. The only way a
> match on LCSH would work well in our particular situation would be if
> you returned that LCSH authority but with all of the tags changed from
> X50 to X55.
> Of course that would create additional issues as well since we are
> likely to also have the LCSH authority for use in the subject index
> and it wouldn't be wise to have two different records with the same
> LCCN and reference structure that might not be needed in the genre index.
> Probably what would work best in our situation would be to match 655
> _0 against LCSH but not return subject authorities. We would already
> have the authority anyway if that term had been used as a subject.
> Adam
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> On Tue, 15 Mar 2011, Karen Anderson wrote:
>> Adam,
>> Nate asked me to respond to the excellent point you raise about 655?s
>> with 2nd indicator 0.
>> A 2nd indicator of ?0? in a 655, means that the term came from the
>> LCSH file. My understanding of current practice
>> is that if there is no 155 authority term available, then an
>> appropriate 150 term may be used as a 655 in a
>> bibliographic record. So, if our system matches a 655 _0 to a LCSH
>> subject term, it would be considered valid, and
>> we would return the LCSH subject record.
>> Everyone?s systems are different and I can see that not everyone
>> would want subject authority records for genre/form
>> terms. If our default process doesn?t work for you, we can offer
>> options based on individual institutions? needs.
>> For instance, you could choose not to have the 655_0 matched against
>> the LCSH at all. Or we could match them, but
>> not return the subject authority records.
>> 655?s with 2nd indicator values other than ?0? (or 7 and $2lcgft)
>> will be matched against the file indicated in the
>> $2 as always, according to the client?s profile. Profiles may always
>> be changed with your project manager.
>> We appreciate your comments and would welcome any other suggestions,
>> questions, or comments that you may have.
>> Regards,
>> Karen Anderson
>> On 3/15/2011 2:42 PM, Adam L. Schiff wrote:
>>       Nate,

>>             655 headings with other 2nd indicator and $2 subfield 
>> values will be processed as they are
>>             currently per client
>>             profile.

>>       My understanding is that all of the existing 155 authority 
>> records that are currently coded with second
>>       indicator 0 in bib. records will be cancelled and new 
>> authorities with prefix gf will replace them.
>>       Therefore, you will not have any LCSH genre authorities to 
>> match on, so you won't be able to return
>>       authorities for any terms that aren't in LCGFT.  Unless I am 
>> misunderstanding, and what you are saying
>>       is that you will actually match against LCSH authorities.  But 
>> if that is the case, what can you return
>>       in the way of a genre authority?

>>       For example, let's say we send a bib. record that has this:

>>       655 _0 Science fiction poetry.

>>       There is not currently a 155 authority for this, and so there 
>> will not (at least in the short term) be
>>       an LCGFT authority for it.  So you have nothing to match on 
>> there.  But you could match against LCSH:

>>       150   Science fiction poetry.

>>       But what could you return to us in that case, since all there 
>> is is a subject authority, not a genre
>>       authority?

>>       --Adam
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