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Author: Backstage Library Works Authority Contol Listserv
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Subject: Re: [BSLWAC] name authorities change?

If I understand these correctly, they are the RDA equivalent headings for this entity. Instead of creating a second authority record, if there was an authority record already present, those testing RDA put the RDA form of the name in the 7XX field. In some cases, the form is the same as the AACR2 form. Once a decision is made on RDA, it’s my understanding that these will go away.


Leslie Engelson

Associate Librarian of Technical Services

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From: [] On Behalf Of Ted Waller
Sent: Monday, January 31, 2011 9:16 AM
To: Backstage Library Works Authority Contol Listserv
Subject: [BSLWAC] name authorities change?


In the latest batch of name authority updates there are a number of records with a change I don't understand. The new records have a new 700 14 field that is the same as the 100 field. Our III system interprets this 700 as a See also reference. What is the purpose of this field?


n 79141239

100 1 Housman, A. E.|q(Alfred Edward),|d1859-1936

700 1 4 Housman, A. E.|q(Alfred Edward),|d1859-1936

n 50030817

100 1 Hornung, E. W.|q(Ernest William),|d1866-1921

700 1 4 Hornung, E. W.|q(Ernest William),|d1866-1921

n 79117186

100 1 Von Sternberg, Josef,|d1894-1969

700 1 4 Von Sternberg, Josef,|d1894-1969

Ted Waller

Meredith College