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Author: Pat Quilter
To: Dennis Fisher, rjbublitz, John Allen
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Subject: Re: MtMan-List: iron arrowheads made by the plains indians
The introduction to my copy of Edward Warren notes that many of the
episodes described are noted in other journals (although not necessarily
is as much detail), which lends credibility to Stewart's observations
and recounting of colorful events. We also have Stewart's own statement
that although fictionalized, it was his intention to provide an accurate
historical picture of a unique scene. My copy also has extensive end
notes tying many of Stewart's "quotes" to similar reports. We can assume
however that Stewart heard many of these events as campfire tales, so I
value his account mainly for the "color" that is generally lacking in
terse journals.

With full knowledge that my opinion is worth no more than any other, as
a summation of experiences gained on the trail, and based on extensive
readings of journals and contemporary literature, I submit that firearms
were the weapon of choice; the mountaineer (or any explorer) took great
care with their use and upkeep; this expertise was regarded as a key
advantage over native forces; and therefore, a bow would principally be
regarded as a curiosity or weapon of absolute last resort. Primitive
bows and arrows have individual personalities and it would be folly to
assume one could hit anything without extensive practice, or prior
expertise in archery, which is never mentioned. It is true, however,
that Spanish/Mexican culture depended much less on the gun, probably due
to poorer weapons and lack of supplies, so they were noted for their
expertise with reata, spear, and (as noted) archery. Although it would
be reasonable to imagine resorting to bows when firearms were lost or
useless, one would think such an event would be worth noting and I don't
recall any such mention, whereas more improvised weapons such as spears
may be noted during escapes etc.

Pat Quilter

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Thanks Randy but it looks like the book is available and I will just
pick up a
copy for my library.

Back to bow and arrow question - As an amateur historical researcher I
can't put
any real confidence in a fictional account. But if the fictional
describes an event that can be documented, then that leads to the
journals and
accounts of others who where there. Some additional account of the use
of these
weapons by mountain men would be needed beyond the one time mention in a

fictional story. Did anyone pick up a bow and some arrows after a
battle? I
would have. Did they bring it back to camp and try it out? Probably.
Did they
keep it as a souvenir? Good chance. Did they use to it fight or hunt
Depend on the condition and how many arrows they had. What happen when
they ran
out of arrows? If my life depended on it, would I risk it with a
captured bow
and arrow or use my firearms? You could write and entire book on the
use of the
bow and arrow by Indians and how they were perceived by the mountain
men. A
fertile area for historical exploration.

By the way I found the account of the removal of the arrowhead from Jim
Bridger. It was in Alter's book "Jim Bridger" and quoted from "Journal
of an
Exploring Tour Beyond the Rocky Mountains in 1835" by Samuel Parker.
being the one who observed the event and wrote it down. In the
following this discussion, Alter also mentions that "an echo of this
appears in Stewart's "Edward Warren" and then he provides Stewart's
of Marcus Whitman. I'm thinking that "an echo" is a reference to an
actual event
in a fictional setting.

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Hi Dennis, I have a copy , if you'd like to read it. Yfab, Randy

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