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Author: Linda Schott
To: elist, pcelist, school, souther-elist
Subject: [Souther-elist] 25 Days of November
We still need *190 Bigs* to jump on board and join us in the 25 Days of
November! *You have 12 more* days to get your hands on the exclusive,
limited edition BIG Happens tshirt which you can wear to show the powerful
impact you're having in the life of a child in your community.

As you're considering donating, think about this. There was a young man,
living in Madrid Spain, who was introduced to baseball by his father. His
love for the game grew and when the family retruned to Las Vegas a former
Major League scout, Rusty Medar, began to mentor the young man and his
brother. Medar preached the value of movement and location above velocity,
and advised throwing softer when in a jam instead of harder; the young
man would later say, "I believed it. I don't know why. I just did." Though
Medar died before the boy graduated from high school, he instilled a firm
foundation that would anchor the young man's future career.
The boy had a good high school career, but didn't receive offers from
colleges and declared himself eligible in the 1984 Major League Draft. Some
teams were unimpressed by his skinny build, but Chicago Cubs scout Doug
Mapson saw past the physique. Mapson wrote a glowing review that read in
part, "I really believe this boy would be the number one player in the
country if only he looked a bit more physical."

You might have guessed it, we're talking about Greg Maddox, who on November
13, 1995 became the first major league pitcher to win four consecutive Cy
Young Awards. During those four consecutive seasons, Maddux had a 75-29
record with a 1.98 ERA, while allowing less than one runner per inning.
Maddux is the only pitcher in MLB history to win at least 15 games for 17
straight seasons. In addition, he holds the record for most Gold Gloves with
eighteen. A superb control pitcher, Maddux won more games during the 1990s
than any other pitcher, and is 8th on the all-time career wins list, with

Where would Maddox be without a great mentor to show him the way? Where will
your Little be without your friendship and support? You're creating a
long-lasting, positive impact today that will open up possibilities for
tomorrow. Donate $25 (or more) to the 25 Days of November to receive the
one-of-a-kind Big Happens tshirt which tells the story of what you're doing
to your friends, family, and neighbors. **be sure to note yoru tshirt size
in the note secation (men's sizes). Shirts will be available after December

Click below to donate

*Linda Schott*
Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah
151 E. 5600 South, Suite 200
Murray, UT 84107
w: 801-743-1668
c: 801-205-1916

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