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Author: Alec R. and Kari S.
To: if you want to.You can dance
Subject: Re: [Men Without Hats] Ivan Demos are up!
Thanks Teal!  You can listen to the songs at YouTube if you visit my profile.

2 songs are up right now and more are planned.  The Facebook page is here:!/pages/Fans-of-Men-Without-Hats-and-Ivan-Doroschuk/155872377787267

Cheers, and happy MWH day!

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From: Katherine <katteal123@???>
Subject: [Men Without Hats] Ivan Demos are up!
To: men-without-hats@???
Date: Wednesday, November 10, 2010, 9:31 PM

Hi everyone,
There are a couple of Ivan Videos up on you tube done by one of his biggest fans (Karialec) called 'The Mote In Gods Eye" and another as well also for those of yo who have a Facebook account you can go to "Fans of Men Without Hats and Ivan Doroschuk" It is an awsome fan page filled with some great pictures that I have never seen, He has done an excellent job to keep the Hats alive and with the new
We Can Dance" Tour coming soon I think this is a very exciting time for those of us who have still remained true to our band!
 Thank you and Happy early MWH day!
Email me for more info

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