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Author: Utah Democrats News
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September 23, 2010

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Peter Corroon shows momentum in Governor's Election

According to the latest poll done in Utah, completed less than 24 hours ago,
Peter Corroon is showing strong momentum in closing the gap in the race for

The latest Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz and Associates (FM3) poll shows
the race has tightened to a 15 point gap. This gap has closed significantly
in just one month.

The Aug 23 Rasmussen poll results were: Herbert 60- Corroon 29, a 31 point
gap. Ten days ago, the Deseret News/KSL TV/Utah Foundation, Dan Jones poll
showed Herbert 52 - Corroon 31, a 21 point gap. Today's results of FM3 show
Herbert 51 - Corroon 36, a 15 point gap.

In the FM3 poll the key decision makers in this election - unaffiliated
(independent) voters have switched their support with Corroon taking the

"In the last 18 days it has become obvious that voters are showing serious
doubt about Gary Herbert's leadership. At the same time, as voters learn
more about Peter Corroon and Sheryl Allen, they like what they see and
hear," said Donald Dunn, Corroon Campaign Manager.

"Seeing this race go from a 30 point gap to a 15 point gap in one month
clearly demonstrates people are unsettled about Gary Herbert and are looking
for something different. They are looking toward a Corroon/Allen ticket.
This is truly one of the most competitive elections for Governor we have
seen in a generation," Dunn added.

The FM3 poll was conducted over two days with a sample of 500 people and a
+/- of 4.4%.