Re: [Fractdev] Latest version of FractInt

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Author: Jonathan Osuch
To: Fractint developer's list
Subject: Re: [Fractdev] Latest version of FractInt

> Thanks for all the suggestions on getting the latest version of the
> code. When I read there was some tool that help manage the source I
> guessed that it was not available on a Mac. I kept downloading things
> until I found a tar.gz file that decompressed into xfractint-20.04p9
> so I think I now have the latest source. I don't care which platform
> it is for since I am only using it to figure out algorithms.
> Unfortunately, this code looks exactly the same in the area I am
> having a problem with.

Do a Google search for "mac svn client". The Wikipedia page that
compares svn clients includes KDEsvn, Qsvn, Subcommander svnX, WebSVN,
and xcode (included with OS X 10.5).

> I have been trying to figure out how outside=tdis works. The
> documentation is vague on outside=tdis and trying to guess the
> algorithm by comparing images has proven futile. I looked in detail at
> the code in calcfrac.c and this is what I see. It looks very simple. I
> pasted together the relevant parts so it is easy to see all together.

> I don't think I implemented anything wrong here. The image I get has a
> color index that changes much faster than the correct image. Its not
> off by a fixed number or a ratio or any other good clue as to what is
> wrong. I was hoping someone here might have an idea of something
> outside this code that could affect the results. If not, no worries, I
> will just keep looking.

That's all the right code. How are you determining the bailout? We use
the following, or something similar (from fractals.c):

int near fpMODbailout(void)
magnitude = tempsqrx + tempsqry;
if(magnitude >= rqlim) return(1);
old = new;

Where rqlim normally defaults to 4.