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Author: MarkLoader
To: hist_text
Subject: MtMan-List: Jesse Gray
Hello the Camp
I have found that Jesse Gray referred to as the "Indian Fighter" was an
ancestor of mine. Born Sept. 9, 1789 Newberry, SC Died Aug. 18, 1871 Noble
Twp, Jay Co. IN
In 1808 or 9 His mother and siblings were killed by six Miami Indians. near
Fountain City in Wayne County, Indiana. He swar to avenge the killings and
over the next few years kill them all About 1824 Jesse Gray and Smith, a
Mulatto, killed Fleming, an Indian, in the house of Lewallyn. Both were
indicted in 1825 for this, so Jesse left the state and resided near Hill
Grove, Ohio

I was wonder if anyone had any more information on this event.
Mark Roadkill Loader