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Author: Dave Shearer
To: GSL Marina Email List
Subject: [GSL-Marina] Marina Mouth
GSL Slip Renters and Marina Users.

Ok, This is what happened today at the marina.

After working for several months to come up with money, and waiting for the
right timing to get the biggest impact for that money, we brought the tug
boat "Lucin" down from Promontory Marina today.

The Lucin worked on blasting the mouth of the marina out with its prop as he
wedged his bow into the rocks. The areas we concentrated on were just
outside the mouth, the marina mouth itself, the area to the launch ramp, the
main channel in the marina and partially down behind 'E' dock.

We have had to wait until the water settled down before we could take
soundings (there was so much silt and sediment in the water the depth
sounders would not work for hours.

We have now checked almost all the areas and, at this time it looks like the
"Lucin" was very successful. It appears, from our soundings, that the mouth
is now blown down to a depth of 6 to 7 feet (with one small hump of 5.9).
This does not mean our soundings are correct or that we picked up everything
accurately so caution should still be used. It is also possible the "Lucin"
lodged debris loose that could also be a hazard. So take it easy for awhile
when going through the marina and mouth.

What the "Lucin" did was to blow a year's worth of silt out of the mouth.
Some of this silt was two feet thick. We are now back to the hardpan clay
that we dredged to two years ago. Once you start hitting this clay and
become stuck, your boating season is probably over. To remove the hardpan
clay from the mouth is an extensive project that will cost a minimum of
$50,000.00 dollars.

We have currently begun begging for about $5,000,000.00 dollars to dredge
the whole marina, but with the current economic situation I am expecting no
miracles of funding.

I apologize that you have not heard about the plans this week. We wanted to
keep this low profile until funding was secure and we knew if we were
successful or not. We did not want to give any false hope.

At this point vessels drawing nearly 6 feet will likely begin having
troubles getting out early to mid August. Vessels drawing 5' or more may
begin having issues mid to late August. And vessels drawing 4' may possibly
make it the whole year. I wish we could have bought you all more of a
boating season. But we have done what it was in our power to do. Who
knows. Maybe the legislatures will hear our plight and more money will be
coming our way.

Now, on the bad side; The marina stinks right now. And the water in the
marina looks like a Louisiana beach. It's black as black can get. The
"Lucin" also cut the anchor line to the red buoy outside the mouth. So
please stay close to the Green buoy until we can get this replaced.

The stink and the black color should go away in a day or two.

Safe Boating

Dave Shearer


Great Salt Lake State Marina