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Author: huntj1
To: hist_text
Subject: Re: MtMan-List: trade gun sights....etc.....ramblings
I have had my Curly trade gun for many yrs. I found that it will shoot and come close to the target at a long range. It will shoot beyond my ability to hit. Keep in mind your ability to hit your intended target.

A long time AMM friend once told me not to take the long marginal shots as it will strain your barrell and cause it to lenghten. Naturally I did not believe him. After having to cut the barrel down several times from long shots I now believe him.

An AMM member would not shit a non member would he ?


---- "Fred A. Miller" <fmiller@???> wrote:
> On 04/25/2010 03:50 PM, James Zeigler wrote:
> > Hello List: Took my North Star trade gun out this weekend to do some sight in practice.
> > Had shot it before but nothing really serious, or hunting. Anyway, at 25 yds all my shots were
> > about 4-5 inches low....that was sat. Filed down the front sight and back out on Sun.
> > Shots came up a good bit, but still about 2 - 1 1/2 inches low at 25 yds. Today after shooting
> > filed some more off the front sight, it now is about as far as I am comfortable with. My question
> > to you trade gun shooters is : How much front sight do you have on your gun, and also to the hunters
> > How far have you taken game with your trade gun. ie. what is your distance limit.
> > My best load today was .595 pillow ticked round ball, with 90 grs. of 2f powder. Thank you
> > for listening.
> >
> Jim, see my other post. EVERY smoothbore and rifle is different....they
> all will site in differently.
> One difference between a smoothbore and a rifle is that you need a
> musket burn rate. If you can
> find some Elephant brand ffg powder, it has a musket burn rate. The
> other option is to get the
> Swiss 1.5f powder. Yes, you can use ffg, but you'll do MUCH better with
> a true musket powder.
> Fred
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