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Author: Dave at EAR/Rational Music
To: ear-fax-wholesale
Subject: [ear-fax-wholesale] Info for new releases
PK 08/194
Namlook XXV - Pearl III
(Pete Namlook)
VÖ: 01/04/10
CD (61.37 min)

The Namlook project always has been a playground for Pete to experiment, for new ways in music. Diving deeper into drones and the nature of acoustic instruments, there is a lot to hear that had not been heard and achieved in this special way before. While the tonality remains open and wide, complete worlds of overtones unfold and create a deep atmosphere. It is a music which is archaic and modern at the same time. Pearl is like listening to the truth hidden in eternal traditions, the essence of sound.

CD tracks:    1 - 17 Pearl XXXII - XLVIII

DTS 5.1 Music Disc/Stereo 2CD. For compatibility reasons (to listen to the music in the car or at your friend’s or if you don’t own a DTS capable 5.1 Surround System) we included a stereo CD version in the double CD-pack.

New Ambient - The Essence of Sound (Part 3)


AW 060
Datacide II
(Atom Heart & Tetsu Inoue)
VÖ: 01/04/10
CD (57.37 min)

Simply entitled "Datacide II", is Atom Heart and Tetsu Inoue's second collaboration work. Very different from their first Datacide recording, which mainly contained "acid" oriented, rhythmical tracks, "Datacide II" explores what finally became "Datacide's" main trademark: psychedelic ambient textures. Only remotely the "acid" background can still be heard, mainly in the track "head dance". "Datacide II" contains a series of trippy, relaxing, sometimes abstract ambient compositions which are tied together by the already mentioned centerpiece "head dance" and which may evoke the feeling of one traveling through a chain of audio images.

CD Tracks:     Ambient Head / Meditation Bank / Head Dance / Automatic Composition #1
        Acid Magic / Data Haiku

A Psychedelic Ambient / Chill-Out Classic


RI 067
Atom™ - 1i3835tra3m3
VÖ: 01/04/10
CD (50.00 min)

After the rather rhythmical explorations on Atom?'s previous release ("Music is better than Pussy"), his new album, simply entitled "1i3835tra3um3" leads us towards similar, yet different areas of sound and structure. Certainly the last couple of Atom? albums released on "Rather Interesting" could be seen as an interconnected, related stream of audio. At the first glance each one of them seem to deal with different musical ideas, while, looking closer, they simply are similar musical ideas seen from different perspectives, each one of them bearing the unique sonic texture of its creator. This is true with "1i3835tra3um3", an album that connects to where Atom? had left behind his "ambient" works around 1994 and which may be labeled as Atom?'s first "Ambient" album in 15 years.
"Original Soundtrack" is the subtitle of this album, leaving unclear for which movie or situation this soundtrack was made. If the music accompanies sequences of personal experiences, or just another fictive (science?) fiction flick, is left unclear. However, Atom? manages to blur the borders between "past", "present" and "future" effortlessly, merging styles and sonic references into a perfect ONE, without ever becoming gimmicky or incoherent. The opposite is true: "1i3835tra3um3" is an elegant, most cinematic work which leads us through all sorts of profound, colourful images and emotions. Songs such as the touching opener "3x310v3" (featuring the saxophone playing of Etienne Jaumet) or the centerpiece "Traumsequenz" are well crafted and thoroughly composed, programmed and arranged pieces of rather traditional songwriting, dressed with sophisticated electronic orchestration.

Tracklist:    01.3x310v3
        02. Notturni No.1
        03. Notturni No. 2
        04. Daddy’s Song
        05. Vienna
        06. Traumsequenz
        07. Notturni No. 3
        08. Praha Coda