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Author: Woody Zenfell III
To: Men Without Hats List
Subject: [Men Without Hats] The Model
Hello hatters,

I ran across a band at a local show that appeals to some same part of
me that the Hats do, so I thought I'd toss them out there to see if
any of the rest of you find something to like as well.

The band is called The Model. I think there is just one album so far,
"Physical". There are several tracks to like here, but in sampling I
would start with the anthemic "What Does It Look Like I'm Doing?" and
proceed to "Do You Believe In Angels?", which to my untrained ear
could have been made with gear that the Hats eBayed or something.



I have no relationship to the group, any of its members, its
publisher, etc. (beyond seeing them at the show and listening to their
CD a bunch!). I just thought this stuff was too good not to share
with the group I could think of that would appreciate it most.

Hats off,