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Author: amm1585
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Well, John, I'm in poor health, too, so I can empathize with you and maybe
we will compare our various 'ologists. However, using Dennis as a reference
puts you on thin ice right off the bat with this bunch. However, I 'spose
that most of us will overlook that mistake and invite you to gather 'round
the fire....especially if you got any whiskey.
Lanney Ratcliff, Texian

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Hello everyone. I`m John Hunt in southwest Ohio. In my past I have
participated in fur trade, rev war and a mixture of others. Due ill health
reasons I am no longer able to "get on the ground" any more.

I have participated at Manskers, Mississinewa, and been a guest at several
AMM events.

As I am retired now, and reading is my way to enjoy the events and things I
no longer do.

Merry Christmas to all.

PS you too Dennis

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