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Author: Trista Page
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Subject: Re: mms_soap pricing suggestions
I have a shop in south Tampa, a trendy boutique area. I charge $6 per bar
of 3.5 oz soap and I've never had a single complaint! However, I did a
larger 6 oz bar of soap on a rope and priced it at $10 and couldn't sell it.
Bottom line, it really depends upon what your market will bear, your
customers (like mine) will indicate if you're priced too high. If you sell
out immediately of all of your soap, you've priced too low. Trial and

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But I'm still a bit unsure on what I should price my soap at. I average a
soap bar sz of 4-4.5 oz. Could everyone tell me what they price theirs at?
Or what a fair price per oz should be. I don't want to over price but
something that will make everyone happy.



I really try to break down my items for example Oils purchased ounces 
divided by cost = so much. I include shipping in my costs also.    Then how 
many ounces do I use for a certain much do I use of colorants,
scents etc. I know this is a little detailed, but then I figure an average
of a 4 oz bar and how many do I get out of each batch....

So an easier answer is for me a 4 oz bar $4.50 if it is just basic oils...
If you make a specialty bar with more expensive oils then you would have to
price it higher. You can compare by looking at other soaper's websites in
your area.
That would be my suggestion. I have found a 4 oz bar everywhere from 3.50
to 10.00.....but that is for different parts of the country...(New York for
the 10.00) Just review other sites and see where you might want to price
your items fairly.

Or like my husband says, it isn't so much what I price them at, but what
will the people pay for them also....
Good luck!

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