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Author: maccoolsadmin
To: maccoolslayton
Subject: [Maccoolslayton] Steak Out
MacCools in Layton is going to try our first ever steak out.
Tomorrow, Friday Oct. 2nd. MacCools will offer our slow roasted prime
rib like every Friday night plus (after a recent trip to Philadelphia
and a visit to Steve's Prince of Steaks) we were inspired to replicate
an authentic Philly cheese steak. At MacCools we love Hanger Steak,
also known as Butchers Steak, we feel it is the most flavor full,
tender, cut of meat there is traditionally saved by the butcher for
his own family and friends because its shape and consistency are
difficult to use commercially. A version of grilled marinated Hanger
steak will be offered. Additionally we will have a sirloin steak, pan
seared and finished in a Jameson, mushroom cream sauce. That is know
as our Gaelic steak to any Sunday night regulars and has a following
all to it's own. And last but not least we will feature the true king
of meats a 22oz. bone in rib eye. Char-grilled with no rub or sauce
to fully enjoy this special certified Angus beef prime cut of
meat...... Valhalla.

If you?re in the mood for meat don't miss dinner at MacCools in Layton
only Friday night Oct. 2. Starts at five o'clock sharp, see you there.