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Author: elvin smith
To: NAVSO Email Distribution List
Subject: Re: [Victory21] Fw: Victory 21 out board
1. Shorten your tiller (boat surgery)
2. Then buy a tiller extension @, or build your own (they're easy--allthread, 2 nuts, 2 hose washers, dowel, golf-ball or bicycle handlebar grip)
3. Sit on-deck windward, between the gunnel and cockpit lip, legs hanging into the cockpit, feet on the seat. (this allows better visibility forward, and greater counterbalance. Boats with masts nearly perpendicular to the water sail more effenciently than those "heeled-over". Feel free to ask any racing sailor about "meat on the rail" or "trapeezed and hiked out" [or "how to sail outside the boat entirely"]).
4. Buy a used copy of PILOTING, Seamanship & SmallBoatHandling by Chapman (aka: the Sailors Bible)
I emphasize used for a reason. When my 1970 copy was purchased for about $20 in 2002, shoved into the back cover, I got 8 Southern California charts, which I've utilized, but currently remain within the tome; and a plethora of boat part contacts scribbled within its' pages. More have been added. Once, when I accessed its' index, I discovered three 1/2 sheets of 1000 grit sandpaper. Two remain for the next owner.

I use a Minnkota (32#, 36"-shaft) electric trolling motor for DarkWater sailing & close-in Marina Navagation. DarkWater is slang for Wind-shadow, which are areas affected by obstacles creating windless water. The water in question is smoother than the surrounding water, and although it optically reflects more sky color, it inherently "appears" darker than the nearby 'roughened' water. "Irons" is worse, denoting NO wind above OR current below. The reciprocial to this is the US Navy salutation of Fair Winds & Following Seas, whereas both air & water will assist you in reaching your final destination. An honorable nautical blessing indeed.

Elvin Smith, USN vet
Ole Guacamole!! (original gelcoat Seafoam Green deck over Avocado Green topsides above a white hull, no bulb)
1962 Wesco Marine Victory 21 (hull# 216) [Frank Butler #66]
Yuma AZ 85365
928 345-3648

Powerboaters are in a hurry to get somewhere; sailboaters are already there.
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From: Darin Christensen
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Sent: 8/9/2009 10:12:30 AM
Subject: [Victory21] Fw: Victory 21 out board

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From: Candida Smith
To: Darin Christensen
Sent: Sunday, August 09, 2009 11:05 AM
Subject: Victory 21 out board

Darin and fellow owners,

I have a victory 21, hull #595. I would like to know of anyone who has an out board motor installed. Also has any one changed the tiller handle to a fold out type. My handle is so long it is difficult to maneuver smoothly. Any replies would be helpful. Thank you.

Candida Smith,
Ventura, California