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In the new boat the cockpit sole is slightly above the waterline.? A central drain at the aft end of the cockpit is connected by a short hose to a thru hull below the waterline.? I suggest a shut off valve if you install this arrangement.? I was always worried that the hose would leak and sink the boat at mooring.? The seats had small drains that connected by hose to the cockpit and then the main drain.

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Subject: [Victory21] self-draining Victory 21

Hello all,

I am just wondering if someone familiar with both the old style and
new style Victory21's could tell me what changes were made to allow the
cockpit to be self draining? Is the cockpit floor of the old and new the
same height? Is the floor of the newer boats just made watertight
with a drain tube out each side of the hull allowing water to escape while
heeled over? I'm just wondering if I could make my older hull self-draining
as well.

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