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Author: Sara Gunderson
To: ckcoalition
Subject: [CKF Coalition] Action Alert: Make Sure Health Reform Serves Kids'
Dear CKF Coalition Members,

National health reform is moving full speed ahead. Help make sure the needs
of kids are heard in the debate by contacting our senators and congressman
with the message that reform must cover the nation's 9 million uninsured
children and ensure that all kids have access to affordable, high quality
health care.

Below is a link to an easy online form letter that can be electronically
sent to our Utah Congressional delegation:



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Korey Capozza

Senior Health Policy Analyst

Voices for Utah Children

ph. 801.364.1182

fx. 801.364.1186

<http://www.utahchildren.org> www.utahchildren.org